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#1 Concrete Staining Lubbock TX | Stain Concrete (1)

LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock is your local and trusted expert concrete contractor Lubbock concrete staining contractors and sealers, that you can rely on for aconcrete stainingproject for many types of projects, with impeccablestainingprocess and coverage, like; coating manufacturer chemicals, staining the concrete floor, driveway, and patio, and interior flooring for homes and commercial buildings, and lastly handling surface preparation for the coat and finish of theconcrete stain. #ConcreteStainingLubbock

#1 Concrete Staining Lubbock TX | Stain Concrete (2)


Concrete Staining Experts Available Now!

Concrete staining brings much value to the aesthetics of the flooring and the value of a property; while the idea behindstains and overall staining concrete is comparable to changing the color of other materials such as wood, and instead of using paint to create an opaque surface, staining enables a variety of colours and tones for concrete using various solutions and procedures; and our crew of experts have mastered the skill of producing concrete finishes and textures that imitate the colors of natural stone, leather, marble, and wood.

If you’re ready to enhance your property’s value with concrete staining, you’ve found the right contractors in town and we make it our mission to always provide top-of-the-line concrete staining that transforms boring gray concrete into a a new visually appealing beautful work of art; we use only the highest quality applications and tools, which provide you with the stained concrete you want on your property to stain concrete in a very cost-efficient manner.

At LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock, we strive to be the best concrete specialists in our local area, and we provide high quality exterior concrete stain options and results with the industry’s best products and worked on with impeccable industry standard workflows for concrete staining to enhance your property’s value in Lubbock for your slab or floor.

Quality services with free estimates, insured, and best prices are only provided in Lubbock by real experts like us, LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock in this field.

Concrete Staining Near Me in Lubbock TX;

So, you're looking to improve the look of your property’s surfaces at Lubbock, and if that is the case you may want to highly consider staining the concrete both inside and outside areas; as these tasks are not only a cost-efficient way of improving the looks, but also you enable a shine and bespoke colors if favored, for both interior and exterior concrete; because of the nature of concrete, no two surfaces ever look the same, so each house and place of business has its own customized and distinct appearance.

Stained Concrete is one option to improve the aesthetics of your house, whether you want to enhance the value of your home for future sales or you want to boost the value of your home for future value; it has truly become an amazing way to boost the value and attractiveness of your property because It adds a nice finishing touch to your property without breaking the bank.

Your first steps are so seek out the best concrete staining contractors near me; and then call the best-stamped concrete around; and that is why we're here for you, and ready for any concrete staining project that comes out way while being accessible at all times.

We at LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock are your local concrete staining contractors in Lubbock with a skilled professional and friednly staff that always tries to please our customers and make sure they're pleased with our work since this helps us position ourselves as the top stamped concrete services in the Lubbock greater area.

Residential Stained Concrete Floors;

When you're looking for stained concrete floors in your home in Lubbock, you are able to complement almost any type of décor and utilized in every area in the home, from farmhouse to contemporary, elegant to industrial:

  • Entryway;
  • Living Room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom;
  • Bedroom;
  • Basement;
  • Garage.

Commercial Stained Concrete Floors;

The great mix of durability and flexible personalization choices makes stained concrete an excellent choice for business flooring at Mesquite, allowing you to put your company’s colors or emblem directly into the floor and some examples of tinted cement flooring include:

  • Restaurants;
  • Breweries;
  • Offices;
  • Retail Stores;
  • Schools.

Concrete Stain Colors;

Our company also offers a wide range of beautiful colors for your new Concrete Staining and the most of the in-demand ones that we provide today are:

  • black concrete stain;
  • white concrete stain;
  • gray concrete stain;
  • semi transparent concrete stain.

Concrete Oil and Rust Stain Removal;

One of the most daunting eye-sores are oil marks on the concrete driveway and garage flooring. We always tell our customers that is is absolutely critical to remove oil stains from concrete before any re-staining, sealing, or resurfacing takes place, because if the oil is not cleaned, it will ultimately leak back through and destroy your new ornamental treatment; some spills and patches can be more affective depending on their size and length of time being present, and it depends on the size and age of the oil stain will influence how tough it is to remove.

Cleaning oil from concrete flooring at times may require trial and error to determine the best solution for your particular scenario; after many years of experience in this practice we know how to swiftly remove oil and remove rust stainsfrom your concrete.

At LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock, we take the responsibility of going after the difficult removal of oil stains from concrete effectively with our industry gradeconcrete stain remover!

Types of Concrete Staining We Offer at Lubbock:

When you're looking to get concrete staining done, the very first thing you need to consider is deciding the base for your solution. Concrete stains are classified into two types: acid stain concrete and water based concrete stain and both methods of concrete staining are excellent for revitalizing drab surfaces both indoors and outdoors of buildings. Here are the two different types of bases:

Water Based Concrete Stain;

Water-based stains are non-reactive and consist of an acrylic polymer and pigment combination; these stains cover the pores on the surface of concrete, allowing for a broader range of hues, including transparent and opaque finishes with consistency; water-based solutions are more consistent in general since they do not entail concrete reactions and are devoid of solvents and acids.

Acid Stain Concrete;

Inorganic metallic salts, hydrochloric acid, and water are often used to create acid stains; The stains sink into the concrete surface, where they react with calcium hydroxide to create a connection, and acid staining produces rich color tones of tans, browns, blues, and greens, as well as marbled effects.

Benefits of Concrete Staining

Concrete staining has built popularity around the world because it gives off an distinctive aesthetic effect at a cost-efficient price, and because stains may be used to produce an unlimited variety of colors allowing for customizations and distinctive effects on both interior and outdoor surfaces for as low as $2 per square foot.

Concrete staining does much more than just give color to concrete flooring, and unlike paint or colored coatings, which provide a solid, opaque impression, stains enter the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep, transparent tones; To characterize the unusual appearance, some stain makers use terms like as “antiqued,” or “variegated”, and even when treated with the same staining agent in the same shade, there are no two concrete floors, walls, or countertops that will appear alike eachother owing to variables such as concrete composition and age of the flooring.

FAQs about Concrete Staining:

  • Q: How much is Concrete Staining in Lubbock TX?

    The cost of stained concrete varies widely; for example, most decorative concrete companies charge between $2 and $4 per square foot for a simple application of a single stain color with sealer and minimum surface prep; the cost will climb in tandem with the job's complexity.

  • Q: Can concrete be permanently stained?

    Yes it can, however, it only penetrates the top layer of the concrete surface and will ultimately wear away when the surface is worn down by traffic or exposure to the elements. Protect external stained concrete surfaces with a clear sealer and interior floors with a good floor wax to extend stain life. To maintain your stained concrete looking its best, clean it on a regular basis using a neutral-pH cleanser by dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping.

  • Q: Is it better to paint or stain concrete?

    Concrete stains may be used to give color to concrete on both interior and exterior surfaces; when sealed and polished, they provide a high gloss floor, making them an easier alternative to utilize for interior ornamental flooring or outdoor patios, and this is why it has gained such popularity. Because stains are transparent, they will not conceal any defects in the concrete. Concrete paints are also ornamental, but they are more suited to situations where the concrete also requires sealing and protection, such as within a garage or basement, or if you wish to conceal damaged or discolored surfaces. Regardless of what you choose, we do both here at LTX Concrete Contractor Lubbock.

  • Q: How long does concrete stain last?

    Concrete stain is quite durable and can last up to that means you don't have to re-stain your concrete surface after a few years. However, the stains can fade or change with exposure to sunlight, weathering, chemical exposure, additional staining, and wear. In these cases, you should renew the stains.

  • Q: Do you need to seal concrete after staining?

    We typically suggest our customers to seal and wax all floors, but it is particularly vital for interior staining or any heavy traffic outdoor areas. Sealing and waxing floors improves their hues, appearance, and gloss.

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