Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (2023)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds continues to be one of the most popular features of Hearthstone, both to play and watch. With frequent changes that can leave players baffled as to which hero rules the meta and which builds are considered the strongest, Battlegrounds is a complicated game that balances strategy with complete, no-brainer luck.

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If players want to climb the ranked ladder, they need to understand the best builds. What works, what doesn't? Which cards are essential and which can be left behind? These are the best endgame Battlegrounds builds to aim for in the game's current state.

Updated July 13th by Harry Alston:With the latest changes to Battlegrounds (the introduction of Quilboars and the various updates made in 20.8) we saw it fitting to return to this list of the best builds in the game. We've included a whole new entry on the powerful Quilboars, who are currently sitting right at the top of the meta. Thanks to a few changes to the other tribes, they might finally have some competition.


11 Quilboars

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (1)

Quilboar builds come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, though the very successful builds focus on two specific minions: Charlga and Captain Flat Tusk.

Charlga provides all the late-game scaling you need to take your Quilboars to the moon, especially if you pair the tavern tier six minion with Agamaggan, the card that changes your +1/+1 Blood Gems to 2+/2+. For this build to be a success, you're essentially power-leveling to transition into a Charlga build. Hit three of these and the game is pretty much over.

Captain Flat Tusk is a surprising hit, even more powerful than the original A-tier rating we gave it in our Quilboar build guide originally. It turns out that just spending gold to earn resources (Blood Gems) is pretty good. The Quilboar build relies heavily on having a Blood Gem generator, and Flat Tusk might just be the best one available to you.

The other two minions you should always pick up if you see them are Bonker and Dynamic Duo. These two Quilboars have the potential to go galactic, particularly Dynamic Duo. Earning +1/+1 for every Blood Gem is pretty good, especially if you can pair the Duo with a Blood Gem generator.

10 The Golden Brann

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (2)
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Oh, Brann Bronzebeard. A card that has singlehandedly saved hundreds of games of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. He seems to arrive almost exactly when you need him, except when he doesn't. This card doubles other card's Battle Cry effects, making him powerful with Demons, Murlocs, and other Menagerie buffing cards.

Brann has awesome synergy with Amalagdons, the tier six game-winning card that hopefully emerges with a Divine Shield and Poisonous after it meets with Brann, and of course, the Annilihan Battlemaster, the card that doubles its health based on the health you've lost. Aim for a Golden Brann and you'll leave opponents wondering where their board has gone.

9 Divine Shield Poisonous Murlocs

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (3)

Mrgllll glrrm gl! That means "I will kill you!" in Murloc language, and if executed correctly an endgame Murloc build will guarantee a top-three finish. The days of the Gentle Megasaur may be long gone, but poisonous Murlocs are still one of the most powerful archetypes in the game.

The Murloc build is accelerated by Brann, whose double Battle Cry effect boosts the scaling of Coldlight Seers, Felfin Navigators, and King Bagurgles. Primalfin Lookout lets you discover two Murloc cards when you have a Brann on the board, with the potential to triple a Murloc for extra stats and improve your overall economy. Toxfins shouldn't be ignored, and a golden Selfless Hero provides the divine shields the build needs to win the game.

8 Divine Shield Dragons

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (4)

The Divine Shield Dragons build is one that is commonly referred to as a transition build. This means it's difficult to structure an early or mid-game strategy around Dragons because it is heavily reliant on one card and one card only: Kalecgos.

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This tier six Dragon card gives all dragons on the board +1/+1 when a Battle Cry is played. If you're lucky enough to get two Kalecgos cards, or even a Golden Kalecgos, then you have enough scaling to dominate the game. The Bronze Warden, the divine shield Dragon at tier 3, is the perfect card to complement the scaling. Once your board is full of powerful dragons, slot a Nadina in there (which gives every Dragon divine shield upon death) and you have the perfect endgame build.

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7 Golden Beast Build

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (5)

The Golden Beast Build is still one of the strongest endgame board states in the game. There are a few cards that are necessary to reach the top three, including tier six Goldrinn, tier five Baron Rivendare, and as many of tier three Monstrous Macaws the player can get their hands on.

On a perfect run, the Goldrinn should be golden with several Macaws on the board all brought together by a golden Baron. The huge scaling provided by Goldrinn will keep your beasts alive over and over again, especially if the Macaws get to attack more than once. Other cards you can add to the mix include a couple of Hydra for devastating cleave attacks and a golden taunted Selfless Hero for maximum divine shields.

6 Infinite Hoggarr Build

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (6)

A build that is a one-way street to carpal tunnel syndrome, the Infinite Hoggarr build requires an APM akin to a StarCraft pro. The build is made possible by the tier five pirate card Cap'n Hoggarr. For every pirate bought you get one gold back. If you have four Hoggarrs (a Golden, and one extra) then you have infinite money.

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Combine the infinite money with the pirate scaling cards, such as the Southsea Strongarm and Salty Looter, and all of a sudden you have one of the fastest scaling builds in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, if you're quick enough with the clicks. This build definitely needs practicing, but once mastered it is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying endgame builds in the game.

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5 Classic Menagerie Build

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (7)

The Classic Menagerie Build puts all the best cards from each tier and minion type in one place. One of the best aspects of the Menagerie build is that a player can structure their mid-game around Menagerie and still enter the endgame in a healthy state.

A powerful endgame Menagerie build is dependent on a few things. At least one Lightfang Enforcer is recommended for decent scaling, while a Brann can also work well if you pick up Menagerie jugs. Players will also need to focus on picking up good Menagerie cards, depending on which tribes are in the game. Focus on Divine Shields where possible.

4 Poisonous Menagerie

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (8)

The Poisonous Menagerie is the Classic Menagerie with poison cards thrown into the mix. This build is optimal with one or two poisonous Murlocs picked up early enough to scale. A combination of poison and huge Menagerie stats provides the perfect game-winning build.

Aim for top-tier Menagerie cards, such as Mythrax and Lightfang, and you'll have enough scaling to out damage most other endgame builds. For the opponent's cards large enough to kill your scaled minions, the poison Murlocs step in to work their magic.

3 Khadgar Pirate Build

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (9)
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Sometimes referred to as the Pirate Exodia build, Khadgar and the tier one pirate card Scallywag can have a devastating effect if paired with a Baron and Dread Admiral Eliza. Eliza is definitely one of the most underrated legendary cards in the game. This is a very unique build and can take down almost any opponent if everything comes together.

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The card duplication function of Khadgar works in tandem with Scallywag, spawning card after card, as long as each Scallywag dies. With a Baron, the number of cards spawned goes even further. Paired with the scaling of Eliza and you have a monstrous build that is capable of dominating the endgame. Beware of Zapps, that tier six neutral card that attacks the lowest attack minion, because it can cripple the build in one swoop.

2 Pirate Demon Build

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (10)

Demons haven't been considered a powerful endgame build for a long time, but that doesn't mean the tribe is completely useless at reaching the top three. The Pirate Demon build begins at tier one, with a Wrath Weaver. Hit a golden Wrath Weaver and grab a Grubber, the pirate which scales off your golden cards, and you have a game-winning build.

This build is all about pure stats. A Golden Wrath Weaver and a Golden Grubber can singlehandedly win you the game, especially if Murlocs and their devastating poison are banned. After recent buffs to Demons in the 20.8 patch, this combination build is as strong as ever, and easier to hit by the mid-game.

1 Golden Elementals

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Top 10 Endgame Builds To Aim For (11)

The Golden Elemental build provides some of the best endgame scaling possible in Battlegrounds. With the Djinni for economy, the Cyclone for Divine Shields, and Lil' Rag to provide all the stats, Elementals have the potential to go full-on galactic.

If it's early enough in the game you might also consider going for a Nomi. This tier five card does provide great scaling, but any turn beyond 5 or 6 and you might be left behind by other builds. Focus on the Golden Rags instead and your elementals will have plenty of stats to win games.

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