Sias found guilty of federal crimes (2022)


Sandy Hodson



Not a muscle in suspended Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias’s face twitched Friday evening when the guilty verdict was announced at the conclusion of his federal trial.

The jury deliberated just over two hours Friday, July 29, before returning its verdict of guilty of both counts - destroying evi...

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(Video) Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias pleads not guilty to federal indictments

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(Video) Sias found guilty on charges of destroying evidence, lying to the FBI

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  1. Liar liar pants on fire!! Luckily it was the feds prosecuting and not the local DA. On the Hardie and his financial shenanigans next!!

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    • they won’t go after Hardie, way too many skeletons in the closet he knows about.

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      (Video) Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias pleads not guilty to federal indictments PKG

      • Maybe the feds won’t care..

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  2. Commingling is not acceptable, no matter the reason!

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  3. I have had to fire many dishonest employees over the years. Without fail, every single one of them has used some variation of the excuse that they’ve worked so hard and accomplished so much that the lying and stealing just doesn’t matter, or that the hard work and accomplishments somehow offset the lying and stealing. (OK, that and with regard to stealing, that they were just “borrowing” the money and were really, really planning on returning it.)

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  4. I’ve known Sammie for many years. He’s an Arrogant Bully and Thug. And when it comes to his military discount, he’s full of it. All you have to do is present your military ID to get your discount and payment doesn’t have to come from your personal account. You can pay cash, check , credit card , they can care less how you pay after showing your military ID. The city of Augusta needs to immediately stop paying him a salary and any other benefits he’s receiving as of his guilty date. Thank God we had one Commissioner with a backbone to pass along information to the FBI. It is my understanding that all the other Commissioners and Hardie Davis was given the same information but sat on it and did nothing. Time to put a spotlight on those individuals.

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    • When you say, “ all the other Commissioners “ I must correct you Charlie. I wasn’t even in office when all this was going on with Sias….. this was way before my time!

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      • I know you and two others weren’t on the Commission at that time Commissioner McKnight.

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        • I know you and two others weren’t on the Commission at that time Commissioner McKnight.

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          • The other Commissioners that have things to hide know I’m talking about them. Pasted and present Commissioners including Hardie Davis. But I will ask this question commissioner McKnight. Have you or any current commissioners asked the GBI, FBI and IRS to step in and look at the ongoing miss use of tax payers money? There needs to be accountability in Augusta Government. If elected officials and government employees don’t report possible crimes, they should also be held accountable.

      • I also think you have been doing a great job as Commissioner of District 3. I don’t know you personally, but you seem to have a good morel compass.

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  5. It all sounds similar to a situation involving an elected official in an adjoining county. Thousands of dollars spent, no invoices or receipts.

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  6. Just one of many from the Augusta elected delegation and employees that need to be in front off Judge Hall.

    (Video) Suspended commissioner Sammie Sias suffers setbacks in pretrial motions rulings

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  7. As a retired Sgt. Major, he should have known better. He’s a disgrace.

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  8. But if the city didn’t ask for the receipts, that was its shortcoming, not Sias’.
    Even if Augusta asks for receipts, certain politicians refuse to comply. Nothing suspicious about that?

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  9. So Richmond County gave Sias $150,000 with no strings attached and he took full advantage of it. If he had not lied to the feds it sounds like he would have likely gotten away with it. Hiding the records was admitting to theft.

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  10. I guess he can let the air out of that blowup mattress now…..maybe he can take it to Federal prison.

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  11. Let’s see if the next 14 days create a “squeal deal” …….

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  12. From casual observations of Augusta, I have concluded that it’s citizens like the corruption high taxes unkept landscape and crime. Why? It gives a defined ambience they enjoy.

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  13. Just sad how power breeds corruption.

    During his time as an unconstitutional “Ex Officio” member on the Aviation Committee Sias interjected opinion on most issues as if an expert. My objections communicated directly to the Mayor of Sias (or any Commissioner) being on the Aviation Commission as a Ex Officio member being in violation of the City’s Charter were brushed aside. Check it out, the Mayor is the only “Ex Officio” member provided for on the Aviation Commission by Charter Section 1-3-2. They currently have two “Ex Officio” Augusta Commissioners as members.

    “Sec. 1-3-2.The mayor shall be an ex officio member of the
    Augusta Aviation Commission and all other members of such commission shall serve without compensation.”
    The document link is, go to page 52 in the document.

    Come to find out, Sias tried to engineer a purchase of new furniture for the Executive Director’s office through his appointee to that commission (his spurned lover, I guess) who had risen to the level of Chairperson so the perfectly good furniture replaced could be transferred to Jamestown Community Center as reported by WJBF. In addition to this affront, the purchase of new furniture was never presented to the Aviation Commission. The diligence of Geri Sam’s stopped this process dead in its tracks as in circumvented prescribed procedure. This is all a matter of record which got swept under the rug.

    See this report to confirm:

    Now, I wish no one excessive punishment for transgressions but, trust me when I tell you this one of those “Tip Of The Iceberg” events.

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    (Video) Sias indictment a surprise to colleague


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What happens when you are charged with a federal crime? ›

They will make an investigation and arrest, often with the aid of the state police. Once the arrest is made, court proceedings can begin. After you are arrested, you will make an initial appearance in court. This will not be at a California State court; it will be the Federal court closest to your county.

What determines if the Feds pick up a case? ›

Federal law enforcement agencies will investigate a crime only if there is reason to believe that the crime violated federal law. Second: The nature of the federal offense may determine which agency undertakes the investigation. Not every federal law enforcement agency has the responsibility to investigate every crime.

How do you avoid federal indictment? ›

Once you are indicted, there are three main options. First, your lawyer can petition the court to dismiss the indictment. Second, you can ––upon the advice of your attorney–– plead guilty. Third, you can contest the allegations and invoke your constitutional right to a jury trial.

Is it worse to be indicted or charged? ›

“Being charged” with a crime means the prosecutor filed charges. An indictment means the grand jury filed charges against the defendant. Regardless of how the state moves forth with filing charges, the results are the same for the defendant: an arrest and formal charges.

How do you beat the Fed case? ›

Tips for Beating Federal Drug Charges
  1. Take Note of the Charges Against You. ...
  2. Hire a Reputable Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Right Away.
  3. Do Not Cooperate with the Government Before Consulting a Lawyer.
  4. Review the Prosecution's Evidence. ...
  5. Put Together a Compelling Defense.
  6. Contact Our Legal Team for a Free Consultation.

Are federal charges serious? ›

There is some bad news - federal charges are typically a much more serious matter than state-level charges. Federal charges often lead to harsher sentencing, and you are less likely to receive a favorable plea bargain.


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