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Five Star Concrete Construction Inc


I had one problem with Five Star Concrete Construction Inc. They were supposed to put in a color in the concrete, but they laid down the concrete and just put the color on top of it, instead of mixing the concrete with the color.

- Greg J....

Old English Construction


The team completed the demolition of multiple concrete and brick structures in the backyard and the laying of a new concrete pad in just two days and I'm satisfied with the quality of the work. Would recommend.

- Reginald H....

Fairfax Contractor


The individual that applied the hydraulic concrete did an excellent job. He actually applied the concrete like an artist. I already have them coming out for another estimate to seal up the rest of my concrete steps.

- Katarzyna K....

Dominion Concrete & Masonry Corporation


Contractor arrived on time, removed old concrete and asphalt in short order cleaning all construction debris and hauled it away. Only problem was the concrete delivery was late to arrive but that was the fault of the concrete company, not the contractor.

- Marvin M....

G Flores Construction Inc

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They arrived on time, with the proper equipment and men, broke the steps down instead of just patching cracks (Herman said those types of repairs don't last), set the forms, poured the concrete and smoothed it professionally. He also parged the edge of the old concrete platform. They stayed for a while longer, seemingly waiting for the concrete to set up without being ruined by a passerby. Herman also advised me of grander possibilities, including a concrete based surfacing that would bring all the patched concrete together under one color and make all the concrete look new. Something to consider later on

- Linda H....

JP Companies Inc


My experience with JP Companies was high quality from the initial conversation with Paulo to the job's finish. Paulo is very professional, transparent, detail oriented and prompt. All of my questions were answered in full detail and my requests were fully understood. The driveway and the backyard patio are exactly what we wanted and we get complements from our neighbors almost every day as they walk by. If you want a good job done with concrete and you want high quality service through the entire process, definitely work with JP and Paulo

- David P....

Bright Construction Group


The company quoted providing stamped concrete which was higher cost than our budget. We selected a lower cost company that quoted standard concrete.

- Timothy B....

Bright Construction Group


Overall, they did a great job! There were a few issues during the construction phase. But each time, they came through with a solution to the problem (heavy rain, drainage issues). We are very happy with the end results. I think the way they solved each unexpected issue really speaks volumes for their dedication to custom service and satisfaction

- Jing C....


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Keith and his crew did a great job. Price was fair and done on time. I'd highly recommend Concrete Vision to anyone looking for concrete work.

- Lewis P....

Hilltop Gardens


Landscaping work was done very well as usual. to correct drainage around garage was done very well. Concrete work Near garage was good, not great. Concrete splatters on garage exterior. One small crack has appeared, but that may be part of the natural process. I have noticed that with other neighbor concrete work

- Maura K....

East Coast Landscape Design


The designer, Mark Huebner, understood quickly what we wanted and proposed ideas to make our project even more economical and beautiful (see photo of our brick patio and fire pit.) Foreman Roberto was a perfectionist craftsman. Who knew masonry was a spectator sport? Also, they replaced a concrete walkway and driveway. Plus, they installed several big healthy shrubs and a lot of sod. Definitely recommend

- Gordon S....

Bravo's Concrete


Finally a contractor that delivered what they promised! Bravo did an excellent job. I got multiple estimates I’m so happy that I went with them. They were professional and a fair price. Looking at my driveway I can tell how much pride they take in their work which means a lot to me since I’m totally remodeling a house a purchased and had really bad experiences with contractors. What stood out the most is it called for no rain but at completion they were about to leave but he actually stayed for over an hour just to see if the rain was coming after it got cloudy he put down plastic. Will be calling them back to do my backyard patio. Money very well spent

- Darlene W....

Medlin & Son


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It went very well. Prince George's County building codes are complex. James and his crew performed in an outstanding manner - with courtesy and professionalism. I'm going to need some more work done in the future. I plan to call them back.

- Leslie S....

Salzano Custom Concrete


Had to wait in line for 10+ months because Salzano Custom Concrete is very much in demand for a very good reason. I found them to be very professional & experienced. The Owner (CJ) cared about my project & wanted to ensure I was satisfied. My experience was well worth the wait & I am very pleased with the product & results. I plan on a second project with Salzano sometime next spring

- Paul K....

Skyline Construction Group DMV, LLC


Fernando and his team were super great. Job was done well and quickly - totally on schedule even with some extra work that was necessary. Crew was responsive and professional. Would 100% hire for future projects.

- Jennifer H....

Creative Concrete Corp


In November, Creative Concrete replaced our sidewalk and steps with stamped concrete. I\'m not normally pasionate about sidewalks or concrete, but we love it. Four months later, we regularly look at the walkway and say how glad we are that we did it. We were impressed by the quality, dedication, and customer service. Isreal at one point was litterally working in the pouring rain to resolve a problem. Our experience Creative Concrete from start to finish was was worth every dime

- Brad S....

Mottern Masonry Design


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Removed brick and concrete walkway and porch area and replaced with brick and slate. Removed several shrubs and small, ornamental trees. Removed damaged concrete area in garage and replaced.

- John C....

Mottern Masonry Design


I have used Mottern Masonry and Design for 2 jobs now. First if all, mere words can’t do justice to the magnificence of this company. Let’s start with the owner Jeff. He always provides a very fair price that has always beaten out other estimates. Jeff is passionate and loves what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable about his business. By the way, his website is amazing and educational as well. His wife designed his website and her skill proves she has the talent to design websites professionally. Then There is Guy the business manager. Guy is pleasant professional and cordial and when you call he takes care of you like you are family. Next the 9 crews of masons, concrete workers and laborers are talented and have a skillset that will dazzle you with there artistry. They are professional, polite and basically work nonstop until the job is done and it is always done the right way. They truly give it their all. 110 % all the time Check them out for all your brick, patio or concrete needs

- James V....

Salzano Custom Concrete


Salzano Concrete was a dream to work with, especially for someone as picky as myself. C.J. was readily available anytime I needed to discuss details of the project. He responded to all e-mails right away and would visit the house, often same day, if I needed to discuss anything related to the new walkway. His crew worked quickly and cleaned up all debris after the project was complete. Since we chose to have the multi-colored slate concrete, he personally stained the concrete himself and worked with me until the perfect color combination was achieved. The result is amazing and we've had so many wonderful comments from friends and neighbors. You really can't tell the walkway is looks that realistic! I would not hesitate to recommend Salzano Custom Concrete to anyone looking for have a stamped concrete walkway or patio built

- Jennifer H....

John Boothe Concrete


John Boothe Concrete did a wonderful job. My new driveway and walkway were scheduled with a short lead time and completed in the promised time period. John is a straight shooter in estimating the job -- simple, up front quoting with no up selling. I would absolutely hire John again for any future concrete needs

- Patrick S....

What services do concrete companies near me offer?

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Driveway installation
  • Stamped concrete
  • Colored concrete
  • Swimming pools

Carry out remodeling projects such as installing a new floor, a concrete patio, repairing walls, and installing a driveway. Or repair common concrete problems such as sealing cracks, replacing broken concrete slabs, and customizing concrete surfaces to your liking.

Is there anything special I should know about delivered premixed concrete for DIY projects?

Yes. Premixed concrete can come in many different strengths which changes the lifetime and the price. It is rated by pounds per square inch (PSI).

Will a concrete company carry away old concrete from the project?

Yes they should haul away concrete debris that is left over after aproject is complete.

How much do concrete projects near me cost?

Most homeowners spend an average of $3,500 for concrete installation projects. Expect to pay between $1,420 to $5,700.The concrete company's cost will depend on materials being used, the nature of your project and the contractor. To find a good average price for your area be sure to contact three concrete pros near you for bids.

What other factors should I consider before hiring a concrete company near me?

  • Concrete often costs about $108 per cubic yard to purchase.
  • Companies often charge $8 to $18 per square foot in order to pour concrete.
  • Delivery costs will depend on the amount and type of concrete needed, and homeowners often pay between $100 to $300 for concrete delivery.
  • Working with an experienced and professional contractor shouldmake it easier to track the costs of aproject every step of the way.

Interesting concrete facts:

  • Lime-based Concrete is also known as Portland cement concrete.
  • It takes up to four weeks for the concrete to cure to 90% of its final strength.
  • The Romans used concrete across their empire - many such as the Colosseum in Rome still stand.
  • Concrete is a bonded aggregate - typically a lime-based paste acts as the binder (bond) between crushed granite, limestone or gravel.
  • The Three Gorges Dam in China used 16 million cubic meters of concrete during construction.
  • Cement as a technology was lost after the Romans and rediscovered by European societies in the 14th century.
  • There are concrete canoe competitions and races. The American Society of Civil Engineers' annual National Concrete Canoe Competition is the most well-known example.

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    On average, a concrete sidewalk costs around $1,800


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